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But an image of giant metropolis is better for the business than a romantic image.

The tourism is only 7% of Paris economy.
7% it is very huge, it is larger than the GDP of most European cities

Don't worry Swede the main reason for Greater Paris is a better distribution of the money and a bigger budget.

Today Paris has 10 billion € for 2.1 millions inhabitants
but the Ile de France region has 5 billion € for the rest. (9 million inhabitants)
Paris doesn't have intercommunality (It is not one budget but 127 budgets for 127 municipalities) and no equitable budget for the whole core.
Some municipality are very rich and some are very poor

Greater Paris would have a budget higher than 25 billion € (If we additionate the budgets of the 137 municpalities)

And the Ile de France would have the same budget than now but for only for less than 5 million inhabitants .

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