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Originally Posted by ryan5021 View Post
FYI, there is now a crane at the Marriott Courtyard site.
Sweet! Can anyone tell me if The Vistana has started construction yet? I saw one of Texan101's pics of it, showing the site, but is the asphalt gone at the site? Have they begun digging yet?

And I'm wondering if we should start a San Antonio Update thread in this section of the forum like the one for Austin. Perhaps this thread can be it? Whaddya think?

You guys could come on and report construction progress with a single post like "such and such building is up to 41st floor" , instead of creating a thread about it or mentioning it in another thread which may not be directly an update kind of thread. It would keep people more up to date on what's going on in San Antonio. I've sort of missed some of it myself because of that.
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