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Nope. They weren't plan drawings, they weren't pictures of other similarly-spaced buildings from some other city. It was a perspective rendering of Kilbourn Tower and University Club Tower standing next to each other. Showing plans or pictures of other buildings wouldn't get the point across about these two specific buildings. What was shown was essentially the same thing CG5 spliced together on his own. They've seen it already. Trust me.

From the article:

Despite the implied threat of a possible lawsuit from Fiduciary, members of the Zoning, Neighborhoods and Development Committee sided with University Club Tower. The committee unanimously recommended approval of the University Club project to the full council, which is to vote on the issue Oct. 14.

Fiduciary is concerned that the 32-story University Club Tower, if built as presently designed, would create a sense of overcrowding with the 33-story Kilbourn Tower, said Craig Raddatz, Fiduciary development director.

To illustrate his point, Raddatz showed aldermen an illustration that depicted both buildings - standing side by side like giant redwood trees.

The towers, which would be among the tallest buildings downtown, would be 25 feet apart for most of their height - roughly the length of two Volkswagen New Beetles parked end to end.

"I truly believe when you see pictures of the two buildings together," Raddatz said, "we are dealing with a huge compatibility issue."

The Journal Sentinel didn't publish the illustration showing both towers because the drawing wasn't released to the paper. If it would have, the article would've included the rendering.

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