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Project Components

The proposed project would result in the construction and operation of a 25-story retail and office
building with ground-floor retail uses in a built-up portion of Downtown Sacramento. The upper
penthouse floor would be designated for restaurant use. The pedestrian entrance to the
building would be located on Capitol Mall.

The proposed project would include concrete foundations and floors, steel columns and beams, and
metal decks. The exterior stone would be granite. The horizontal and vertical panels of granite
would be predominately beige with streaks of brown and black mottling. The intersection of the
horizontal and vertical panels would be accented with rusty red granite with black speckles. The
window frames would be aluminum in aluminum color finish. Two different types of glass would be
used on the building: spandrel glass, which is used to conceal materials and construction elements
from the exterior, and view glass, which would be a ¼-inch, light-blue-tinted, dual-pane insulated

Existing trees on the project site would be removed to accommodate the project. Landscape
features would consist of 48-inch boxed Maidenhair trees along N Street and 5th Street and 36-inch
boxed Littleleaf Linden trees along Capitol Mall. The trees would be planted in planter strips along
all street frontages (excluding crosswalks, driveways, bus stops, and drop-off areas). The planter
strips would also be planted with shrubs and ground cover. The ground surface area between the
edge of the planter and the building and the ground area between the ends of the planters would be
paved with granite pavers with a coarse surface finish. The granite pavers would be in two colors,
creating a ribbon pattern that aligns with the base columns of the building. In addition to the shading
from the new trees, there would be canopies that extend out from the building.

Soffit lights under each canopy would illuminate the ground level around the building. Some
spotlights located atop the fourth floor roof would illuminate the face of the building along Capitol
Mall. Continuous strips of LED lights would be located along the tops of each step in the building
façade. A “500 Capitol Mall” sign with backlit chrome or polished-brass characters may be located
either on the Capitol Mall building frontage (i.e., the north elevation) or on a monument sign
(separated from the building) that would be visible from east- and west-bound Capitol Mall. There
would also be street-level signage identifying the various retail users. All signage would be required
to comply with the regulations set forth in the Sacramento Municipal Code (section 15.148 (Signs)).
The building would be approximately 94 feet from the center line of Capitol Mall. The lower tower
would be approximately 140 feet from the center line, whereas the upper tower would be
approximately 145 feet from the Capitol Mall center line. The side street setback would be 14 feet.
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