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^^ Maybe you're right about direct comparisons. But Millennium Park doesn't have any buildings on it. If this park were the same they would be comparable. Millennium would still be larger, but not drastically so as will be the case.

Major differences in park size aside, San Antonio's will also be closed off from the surrounding streets by buildings, so to see it and enter it you'll have to pass through a limited number of entrances. Whereas you can see and enter Millennium Park from any side.

I hear what you're saying, but I also think the differences are too drastic to compare the two parks. This will be a nice civic park, but it won't be world class like Millennium, Central Park, or even Zilker Park or Auditorium Shores in Austin. You won't be able to have large concerts there, there won't be enough room for 100+ people to be throwing Frisbees® at the same time, you won't have the encompassing skyline views like those other parks... it's just not designed to be that way.

But it will be nice. San Antonio needs more parks. I welcome this one. It's just too bad it won't be what I think of as a perfect park.
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