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Originally Posted by JACKinBeantown View Post
If they were to build absolutely nothing in the Hemisfair Park revitalization area it would still be a smaller land area than Millennium Park in Chicago (not including Maggie Daley Park). But a large part of the land will be built on, leaving a smaller area for the actual park. As a result, the new park will be no larger than 40% of Millennium Park.

As I said, I'm happy they're making the civic park in downtown San Antonio. But it won't be anywhere near the size and magnitude of Millennium Park.

Compare the two (and remember there will be buildings on the San Antonio land):

San Antonio:!4d-98.4936282


addendum: This has nothing to do with Chicago being a bigger city. I'm only comparing the size of the parks.
I think you’re taking the comparison too literal. It’s nrver been an acre for acre, tree for tree, sod for sod replication. Just that it would be San Antonio’s own version of Millennium Park. Chicago always has a lot more land to play with in comparison to SA. Trying to compare the two apples to apples does no one any good nor is it realistic.
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