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I must say, I'm not a fan of the planned private development going up along the edges of the civic park on Commerce and Alamo. If you look at the image of Millennium Park provided Jack, the park is completely open. Any design renderings you see for the civic park area in Hemisfair have these large buildings lining the edge and cutting large portions off from people walking or driving by. How would one know there's this huge green space just on the other side? IMO it's not as inviting.

I'm no expert and I've learned to wait for the completed project to see how it turns out, but I'd rather start with a lot of green space and see how the public reacts and uses it, than starting off with these huge developments and finding out our green space isn't large enough for events such as the Final Four music fest that just happened this past spring.

I'm fine with putting some buildings on the civic park space, but more for the enjoyment and use by park visitors and SA residents.
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