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Originally Posted by htowntransplant View Post
For me, I'm pretty easy to please. Yes, I think most of the new stuff popping up around SA probably wouldn't blow anybody from Austin, Houston, or Dallas away because they're used to seeing modern 40 floor construction on a regular basis. However, what we are getting is very much better than what was there before. At least we're not going backwards. We've seen nothing change in SA for so long, so to see what's happening the past couple of years has been refreshing. The Pearl went from an eyesore to an absolute gem in a relatively short amount of time...and it is still growing. I believe that the developments we're getting in the short term will set the precedent for future growth. When Frost is done, some developer will come along and desire to 1-up the Frost Tower. We are fortunate enough to have elected officials that really understand the need to keep SA competitive on the national level, especially with an estimated 1 million more residents expected by 2040.
This 100%. It's absolutely my opinion on our current development in San Antonio. I love that we are finally getting more modern developments and I hope this sets a precedent for future growth. That said, I love the new design of the Floodgate and I'm really glad the developers didn't settle for a generic design after deciding to increase the height of this project.
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