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Originally Posted by Restless 1 View Post
Sorry, but I still don't get why some of you were so excited about the first design. Especially since it is right next door to the Canopy.

That first design would not have filled out that corner the way the second, and certainly the current design does. It would have been out of place.

Those that like the first design, can you give SPECIFIC reasons other than it was unique, (how so?), or "ground breaking", (again, how so, seemed pretty ordinary to me)?

I'll agree, the river level looked very nice in the first renderings, but I have no reason to believe that will not be the case in the final form.
I agree. The only "unique" aspect of the first design was that it was a box with a slight turn, similar to the overpriced, underdesigned Convention center next to the Grand Hyatt downtown.

This new design is very pretty. And I think they changed it because of the changing architectural landscape and desire for more glass – something I believe the frost tower had much influence on. If the Hilton Canopy took place a 1 year later, I bet there would have been more glass, but at current, I am not unhappy with the design. It's one of my favorite projects right now.

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