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Originally Posted by JACKinBeantown View Post
I think we're on topic. We're talking about the design of the plaza, and the glass wall is clearly (no pun intended, but I'll take it) a big part of the design.

I respect your opinion, Izppjb, but I'd say I agree only with the part about standing next to the wall. The shape of an aerodynamically designed car or the gradual rise of a stadium are very different from a vertical wall at ground level in a very hot city. The wall looks to be at least 10 feet tall if not taller. I think it have quite an effect on the breeze.
Don't worry about it, they're hypersensitive about anything that they don't agree with. I'll be creating same topic pages so all opinions related to design, development, and structures of downtown will be welcomed. We are in America, opinions are of the upmost importance. Differentiating opinions, and especially those achieved, propel our understandings and our own perspectives in achieving unmasked advancements. Only children throw temper tantrums over ideas and statements they cannot comprehend, much less use to advance their own understanding.

If the topic is about downtown and it's surrounding structures, it's on topic. I do not see anyone commenting on stamps, movies, or The Simpsons.
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