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Originally Posted by Spoiler View Post
I'm willing to bet that the only significant exterior renovations will involve connecting the buildings to the river and creating space for businesses to operate. I could see a cafe and a bar opening there. It would be a pretty nice work environment if the employees' needs for lunch and happy hour were both met inside their building, and along the river no less.

Also, something that hasn't been mentioned yet is the space along Villita street this deal creates. Maybe residential will take over the old headquarters, or maybe offices for new tech companies. Or maybe they'll knock the dang thing over and start again.
From what I've been hearing, Spoiler is right on the money. CPS is going to try to keep the exterior renovations to a minimum (tough to justify when taxpayers fund you), but they will improve connectivity to the River. It's going to be so cool! I think a café or even a big cafeteria (like SAWS has) wouldn't be out of the question. I can also see a bunch of restaurants popping up around to service all those people.

Again, agreed with Spoiler--the most exciting part of this are the possibilities with CPS's current buildings. I love those buildings! CPS has a lot of leverage owning them. I hope they consider using the buildings as a bargaining chip to lure a company to relocate here from out of town. Aka, Company XYZ can go in the building for free or next to nothing if they move from another city or Downtown. With the new CEO of the EDF as a former CPS VP, this doesn't seem too far-fetched to me... Am I crazy?
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