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Originally Posted by kornbread View Post
This makes sense.

I thought this would have been a good option for USAA when they announced they were expanding but instead opted to stay outside the loop. Then they ended up buying property downtown anyway.

This seemed like the obvious choice especially after Beneby left and you always knew cost was going to be the big factor with a public utility.

This campus will do a lot to fill up the space between downtown proper and River North, and it opens up the CPS tower for something new. But 2019?!
I would imagine that the significant renovations and possible construction of a parking garage (only like 100 parking lot spaces at the buildings now) would be what is guiding that move. Then add on top of that the time they'll have to spend planning out who goes where in the building, 2019 doesn't seem so far away! All in all, very exciting! The timeline matches up with Frost Tower and San Pedro Creek--2019 cannot get here fast enough
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