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As I recall the original Twin Towers had a lot of politics as well. Design was always secondary to the decision-makers. But I guess every tower has a lot of this.

I hope they make it as tall as possible because something tells me it'll be the last NY super-tower we'll see in our lifetimes.

Chicago is much friendlier to tower construction nowadays. Miami is the best.

To reiterate, NYC is a very poor place to build super towers. Because the taxes and cost of living are too high, most companies don't see the benefit of over-paying employees. The property values, ancient infrastructure, urban politics is a deterrent to more and more companies choosing the outskirts for the location of corporate headquarters. This WTC is a public relations disaster in this perspective.

I remember when Trump was building a tower and like a million people protested it because "it blocks the view of other towers". Ridiculous! See: Seattle "manhattanization" and the result on Seattle construction rates...

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