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Yep. A few things have changed however since I typed that. 360 Condos will not be 65 feet taller than Frost Bank Tower, it'll be 48 feet taller. Still a new tallest.

And it looks like one of those 700 footers is at least on hold now. However, the other project is under construction. But it won't be 700 feet tall. It will be 683 feet tall. The rumors of it being 700 feet tall were only rumors. Just speculation put out by the media. At one point a typo appeared on the the city's website that stated it would be 780 feet tall. But that was just a typo. I've exchanged emails with the president of the development firm and he confirmed the heights for me. We also saw the elevation plans filed with the city that showed it to be 682 feet 11 inches tall. Again, that will make that building a new tallest in Austin, and will put Austin behind Houston and Dallas for next the "tallest skyline" in Texas. So three new tallest in 5 years. Not bad at all! Even at the height of our last big skyscraper boom during the 80s, we only squeezed out 1 new tallest. And that building stayed our tallest until the Frost Bank Tower came along.
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