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$4.50... hmm.. are we talking a 1,5 or 2 lter bottle or just a 0,5L ?

Even for Oslo that sounds unbelievable if the 0,5L but it is without a doubt an expensive place..

But Geneva - oh man now there's an expensive place ( or atleast it was 10 years ago - paid more than 20 dollars for a Pizza Hut pizza ( only one I've ever tried ) in 1999 currency, now it's probable double that!

On the positive side Oslo is a great city - very compact yet certainly not lacking - with a lot of interesting things going on both in terms of construction but also with nightlife and options..

For those interested I'm sure we'll have a great time and I'd gladly give a couple rounds if beer prices is an issue...

( alternatively we could have a halfway meet on Iceland - inflation is killing them so there prices shouldn't be too bad, atleast not compared to a few years ago )
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