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Amazing building sites

I suppose most people have heard of a suburb that was built on a farmer's land, which is generally flat & featureless. (& the buildings too!) So what would be the opposite of that? Here's what I'm thinking of (some will be familiar I'm sure):

Oia, Santorini:

The Goreme Cones of Cappadocia, Turkey:

St George's Church in Lalibela, Abyssinia (Ethiopia), carved out of rock, like Petra in Jordan:

monastery in Meteora, Greece (sorry about the HDR):

Mont St Michel, France:

Penon Velez de la Gomera, one of the Spanish Plazas de soberanĂ­a (places of sovereignty) on the coast of Morocco:

Penon de Alhucemas (another one):

Macchu Picchu & Petra are a couple others that could go on this list but I'm not going to look ofr pic right now. & I couldn't find decent pics of Guilin quickly enough, but I'm sure they're out there. I'll find some tomorrow I'm sure.

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