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Originally Posted by Spocket View Post
Too subjective.

There are people in my city who didn't want to tear down a burnt out husk of a former grain silo because they thought it gave the city some sort of cyber/steampunk panache.

The buildings you highlight are fine. I mean, they're ugly but no uglier than any of a million other buildings. People today are raving about the latest iteration of glass boxes and yet, that's all that they are. They don't even necessarily have pretty glass...they're just taller glass boxes and look like little more than a direct update of sixties Brutalism. Ugly buildings are exactly like ugly people: What you find ugly may well not be what I find ugly and vise versa.
It is subjective yes, but this thread is for posting things you find ugly in your city or something you find ugly you saw on a trip. If you disagree with a building posted as ugly please debate, I would love to hear your points .
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