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Originally Posted by Onn View Post
All someone has to do is bail out the project. Chicago's real estate market will turn around, financing will be found, the Spire will built in some form. It seems like a crazy project to just abandon, your talking Chicago's future. And it seems a lot of people here could care less. Truly disappointing people have to beat up on such a great project.
No one will invest in a project who's debt was already due. Maybe sombody else with the same intention will buy the site (if related decided to sell it) and build the spire. But look at it Onn, it's unlikely. I want to think that the spire will be built, but I don't see it happening realistically anymore. There is like a 2% chance that it will be built, a 5% chance related builds a nice building there, and a 93% chance related plops a value enginered POS on the site...
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