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I think this should be turned into a general developments thread...

If everything goes right, the city will be kind of a HSR hub by the beginning of the next decade.

Sketch from the Bordeaux Euratlantique official site, hosted on
autoroutes => highways/freeways

A long-run project called Bordeaux Euratlantique, widely managed by the national government since it's an Opération d'Intérêt National (OIN, national interest project), obviously involving Spain very much too, hence maybe a bit of the European Union as well.

Of course locally, this is bringing some development opportunities to the city. It's now at the heart of their development strategy. Official site of the project:

Besides, and I don't think that's even related, they've been implementing a masterplan covering 370 acres over an area called Bassins à flots. I just counted roughly 30 projects over the area affected for now, mostly some housing. Yet another thing to get lost in. There's plenty of mock-ups and stuff in the Bordeaux subforum of the French urban planning site. I'll bring some later.
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