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Hey this thread is a great help, I've actually been looking for something like this since I joined the forum. I saw another poster say something that is exactly similar to me. When people ask me what I plan to do when I finish school, my answer is always "build a skyscraper." Then I'll become Prime Minister. I don't want my goals to be too unreasonable.

I've got a few questions for anyone willing to answer them. I'm not looking to start with my own developments, I'd love to come out of school and start working for an already established company to gain some experience in the industry. The school I attend has a general Bachelor of Business Administration Program, and no electives focus too much on real estate. Would finance and investment likely be the way to go in terms of choosing my electives? What other general business courses might be useful? Also, in regards to working for some already established companies, what sort of experience would be recommended? What are some entry level jobs? Are there even any entry level jobs?

Thanks a lot, and to anyone else willing to share their stories regarding how they got into the business, I'd be very interested in hearing about it.
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