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Hallucinatory Architecture of the Future

Hallucinatory Architecture of the Future

Love, Peace, and... Metropolis

We can't stop fantasizing about living in an urban utopia: some try to give their fantasies a realistic foundation, to ground them in the brick and mortar of today... while others have the architectural visions of the World Of Tomorrow that are more ... well, visionary.

If not totally hallucinatory.

Some examples of the early pulp illustration (still unmatched in their retro-futuristic grandeur) - New York in 2032: From 1931

San Francisco

This is the futuristic design of the San Francisco on 2018. This is the new concept to make the city green and wild. This is one of the stunning designs and it won the History Channel’s City of the Future competition.
The Hydro net project is a city built with algae harvesting towers, fog catchers and geothermal energy mushrooms. This network will connect water with other distribution systems across the city.

It also uses carbon nanotube walls in the walls of the network. In recent times the concept has won $10,000 grand prize for the entry of Future Competition which was organized by History Channel. The futuristic world with lot of green is possible with these kinds of technologies.

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