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Originally Posted by memph View Post
Considering the middle class blacks are being replaced by low income blacks, I highly doubt they're being priced out. The South Side of Chicago is still mostly heading in the opposite direction from gentrification - it's declining. Middle class black neighbourhoods turn into low income black neighbourhoods, which become run down, and have homes go vacant and abandoned and lose population.
The middle class black residents aren't being replaced. The ones you see on these lists are just the ones that were left behind. And, it could very well be the case that the heat map from above is showing the decline in economic status of black Chicagoans and not just the flight of them.

Most of Chicago's black working class and middle class would have been employed in local and state government jobs (teachers, city services, emergency services, etc.), or manufacturing jobs. We all know what's happening with manufacturing, but there was also a big trend of privatizing city services, and closing public schools in favor of charters. And the black families in professional worker households (doctors, lawyers) would've mainly serviced those black middle class workers.
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