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Looks great to me as well. I am disappointed that they are demolishing the MIC Building facade only to replace it with a windowed stairway. I've always felt that the MIC Building has the cooler looking facade. Otherwise, the ground level has a great architectural dynamic. I'm not excited about the earth tones; its funny that I didn't have a problem with earth tones until I started visiting this site. I love the way the building curves to directly face the river, possibly creating an optical illusion similar to that of the Nix Hospital. The substantial brick coverage just begs for some artwork/mosaic work similar Jesse Trevino's mosaic at the Children's Hospital, Arturo Herrera's design above Bill Miller, or to a lesser extent the historic poster that is there now. OMG just imagine how awesome would that be! Banner's could also be placed there periodically for events (Spurs playoffs) And the bus stop at the bridge will be gone!

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