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Originally Posted by LilZebra View Post
A woman wrote a letter to the editor of the Free Press that was published November 2, 2019.

She said that she and her husband and friends have for years purchased seasons tickets to the WSO, RMTC, Ballet, Opera, etc...

Said that due to security concerns (their car was broken into) that unless downtown becomes more safe that she, her husband and friends will cancel their season tickets.

If enough "good natured" people do this, our downtown is done. Finished.

It's too bad all the good things that downtown is doing could be ruined by the criminal element. I think esquire wrote something similar about a year ago.

Improve downtown security

As a longtime subscriber to MTC, Warehouse, PTE, WSO, the Fringe Festival and, occasionally, opera and ballet, I have enjoyed many arts events in Winnipeg. Even before my vehicle was recently broken into in the well-lit parking lot north of the Planetarium entrance, however, I had reservations about going to the theatre district at night (lately, during the day as well).

While I am aware that the police and the city are dealing constantly with serious, deep-rooted problems which they have publicly stated go far beyond policing issues, I feel that security can and must be improved downtown. Patrolling security vehicles must be regularly employed in and around the theatre district at night, as is the norm in many other major cities. The arts, restaurants, transportation and parking services, as well as the community at large, will very quickly lose a supportive presence and a relatively secure economic health if the present situation does not change. The biggest loss might be the absence of people, other than those working during the day in the area.
Surely the many arts groups invested in the area, with the help of the police, the City of Winnipeg and organizations like the Downtown BIZ, can implement effective security measures for their patrons.

The city has made a concerted, strategic effort to sell Winnipeggers on the idea that it has much to offer in the arts, sports and culture, yet many people I know avoid the Main Street and Portage Avenue area because of safety concerns. This problem will not go away.
I, for one, do not intend to attend any events in the area in the future unless reasonable measures are taken to ensure the safety of not just seniors, but all Winnipeggers who wish to have our faith in our city restored and to contribute to its robust health

Loretta Basiuk
Ha some pearl-clutching old lady got her car broken into, good Lord the humanity no one is safe!!! Hide yo wife hide yo kids we got minor property crimes up in here!!!
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