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Originally Posted by Bluenote View Post
Because he's Aboriginal and hates anything that promotes any ties to the Queen. Hence why he wanted the trees left to hide it and they could continue their protests.

He forgets to always mention that the 3 biggest gangs in this city and province are Aboriginal. And most of the 40 murders so far are gang related and Aboriginal.
But he will as usual say it was our fault for the gangs.

Sorry I'm sick and tired of protests for money when we all should be protesting about these gangs and the crime rate. And point the finger directly where it belongs.

He will reply with his typical lengthy blah blah blah reply. Just wait. Then he will pull the racist card etc.

It's time to take Winnipeg back!!!!
You can't just go be racist AF and then cry about people playing the "race card". That's what they're going to do if you're being racist lol. There are reasons for high crime rates among Indigenous people. It's not like it's a Winnipeg-only situation where you have a very poor visible minority that struggles with these issues - it's the same root causes that are behind high crime rates among blacks in the southern US, or Hispanics in California, or Turks in Germany, etc.... do you think maybe socio-economic status has something to do with it, or do you think it just so happens that all those groups are inherently inferior and violent? Because news flash, if you think the latter, you're racist.

Crime is almost always related to poverty and social marginalization so you've really just proven headhorse's point. There are many indigenous gangs because by and large indigenous people in this country have a 3rd-world standard of living, which is why they're protesting.

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