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Originally Posted by Bluenote View Post
This urban reserve is far different then a small block turned into some offices. This reserve has single and multiple family buildings. That adds the human factor to the equation. Now most of the people will not be an issue. But remember each time some fire or flood forces an evacuation they will probably head to this reserve. With that will come the issues of that said reserve. Just watch the news today. And see what firearms and drugs and other wonderful items were seized on the reserve. It's also one of the reserves who are involved in this urban reserve.

Manitoba and Saskatchewan are not like Alberta and BC and Quebec's urban reserves. Here we have a totally different demographic of first Nations people.

That's the issue with the pity party mentality here in Manitoba. Everyone in the east or west thinks our first Nations reserves are like theirs. When in reality they are the exact opposite except for a few. So when they see the buildings on the reserve and the condition of then, they look at MB as some sewer. But they fail to mention that it wasn't any white, Asian, Muslim , Hindu or others who made them this way. It was the very people who live in them.
So when people have million dollar homes next door to what will either be a disastrous idea or a monumental success. You cannot help but to sympathize with them.

It's not like wealthy First Nations people will be moving into this reserve. Yet it's surrounded by some of the most wealthy area's. And a brand new higher end shopping area.

The issues of the reserves will follow and you'll see security in the outlet mall and IKEA etc.

Building an urban reserve doesn't fix anything. It's a bandaid. Fix the issue right on the reserves. These people need to embrace their heritage that has for the most part been lost. Hence why the young don't care about anything.

First Nations In the east and West have pride in their heritage, they don't use it as a money card or excuse. They fight for the environment, they embrace it. That's what I'd like to see our first Nation people here do. Not complain all the time. Not block highways or streets.
Maybe talk to your Western counterparts and see why they got it right. Oh wait that was tried theirs here don't like the Western ways of doing things.
The whole notion of the reserve system is archaic, everything owned by the band with no individual ownership, those with connections to the chief and council are afforded special privileges and those who don't stay at the bottom almost like an outdated caste system.
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