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Originally Posted by mello View Post
Ok Spoon, I will just say the only reason I reference it is because we are all trying to speculate about what will realistically be built in downtown in this cycle. We have what 8 or 9 significant towers that are approved now and no shovels in the ground. So I think an important part of trying to figure out how our skyline will be transformed in next 3 years are economic cycles. Anyhow I won't mention it anymore if it is bothering people. PM me if you have any questions. I love my hometown and I want to see all these towers built. I guess I just get worried that many of them won't.
I completely understand where you're coming from buddy. If I might offer some advice, it pays sometimes to step back and realize thing are just going to happen. I would never tell you not to care, or discourage you from helping build our beautiful city's future in whatever way you might choose, but in the end we're all just like leaves floating on a mighty river. Despite what some may say, no one can truly know its direction and no one man can claim responsibility for it for it course. It just... flows.

It might come that there's a recession, and all those wonderful projects might never come to be. That'd be sad. But then the economy might rise again and we'll see even better developments than we can have imagine today. Or maybe something else entirely we can't even conceive of right now. And so my friend, in true San Diego fashion I encourage you to sit back and take life as it comes.
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