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Hmm, London has about 40-50 major historical sites/ large landmarks - everything from universities to megamalls, palaces to supertalls. NYC, Paris, Shanghai & Beijing the same.

Here are some of the lesser known ones in London:

Royal Holloway University,


Windsor Castle - really a lavish palace of over 1000 rooms

Tate Modern - the worlds largest modern art gallery

Ascot Racecourse that can hold 80,000 (there are 5 other over 60,000 seater stadia)

Whitehall a street lined with palaces of govt office

Royal Naval Greenwich (former palace complex now uni and museum)

Westfield Mall West one of the 4 megamall complexes that surround the centre

St Pancras Station - the world's biggest building in the late 19th Century,

Natural History Museum - the world's largest organic collection with 80 million specimens in a vast museum and science complex

V&A - world's largest decorative arts museum, 4 million pieces,,

Hampton Court Palace, the country's largest,

Alexandra Palace, one of the 19th Century's 'Peoples Palaces' (the other one was Crystal Palace), a hilltop complex so large it's largely sat empty and falling into ruin for most of the 20th Century. Noone really knows what to do with it since they uprooted the trainline away, stranding it in the suburbs.

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