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Originally Posted by WildCake View Post
This morning I heard on the radio that Manitoba Infrastructure released it's top intersections for collisions to some media sources. I dont even recall the station but it listed that the top 5 were all on Perimeter, with St marys, St Anne, and Mcgillivray in the top 3, in that order.
To be fair the third place for collisions is a tie between HWY 1/Portage and HWY 3/McGillivary. The top 5 from the story is below:

HWY 15 - 58
Portage - 62
HWY 3 - 62
St Annes - 79 + 1 fatal
St Marys - 113

The most deadly intersection in the period looked at is HWY1 at HWY 16 near Portage La Prairie with 5 fatalities.

I also think if the scope of the data was expanded a few years and the intersections were ranked by fatalities over say the past 10 years both Pipeline and Gunn would be jumping way ahead of St Marys which I suspect as a high volume of fairly minor accidents (cracked bumpers, etc).

Numbers are pulled from this CTV News video:

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