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Originally Posted by psychlotron View Post
Regarding my previous post (directly above), I really do wonder whether I'm reading the document correctly.

Does this mean that a five-story building was approved on Lamar, at the current site of Richard Lord's Boxing Gym? I thought that section of Lamar was limited to 3-4 stories. Like, whatever the height of Crestview Station is.

I'm not complaining at all. I've been living in that area for 12 years and I welcome every improvement to that stretch of Lamar.
The Lamar/Justin TOD document lists a maximum height of 60 ft for that area, though there may be allowances for bonuses.

In a previous incarnation of that same apartment project (originally called "Lamar Highline"), there was an article in the Statesman about cooperation between the neighbors directly behind the apartments and the developer. I can't seem to find it anymore but the tone of the article seemed to indicate a good level of positive engagement between the neighbors and developer. Given that the location is currently 100% paved and really ugly, I think the neighbors generally are ok with this project.

The project hasn't been approved yet, the filing was rejected then went inactive but is now actively under review again. The developer, Urban Genesis, has at least 3 projects going on in other parts of Austin, so this one might not have been a priority.
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