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Originally Posted by Fireoutofclay View Post
Holy crap! That will be some tower! 300 residential units could bump up the square footage by about 200,000 to 300,000. So possibly 6 or 700,000sq building, easily the city's tallest. Or maybe two separate buildings, one office - one residential. That would be great too (I guess). And I think the public will be just fine with the exchange, except maybe the San Fernando Gym(maybe some grumblings there). Graham Weston is a cool guy, he's not gonna knock those buildings down or build anything ugly.
I may be the only one reading it this way, but I think that the office development and residential units are not one in the same. With that being said, Bank of America Plaza (28 floors) is 530k sq. ft. and has 870 parking spaces. It is possible, but I think that Weston's contribution to residential will be mostly in conversion of old office into residential (as was previously thrown around at the Metro Health bldg) and possibly new construction on those skinny lots between Main and Soledad.

One thing that I will say about this, seeing as that Frost will lease the space and not own the building, is that I hope that there is retail space on the ground floor. That is one sure way to get more feet on the street.

Either way, a most welcome addition.
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