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Originally Posted by Andy6 View Post
I don't know. I was wondering that too. Maybe starting over would enable the conservatory to be more energy efficient etc.
Yes I am sure it would be, and larger, but it is basing all the parks attractions in one area, you have the duck pond area, the english gardens, the zoo and even can throw in the Pavilion all in a stones throw, and the rest of the part will be deserted, may as well fence it off and let Bison roam lol.

If they Keep the old one, and just fix it up a tad so weddings and the such can still take place their, ( I got married in it ) that would at least keep it viable, and be a smaller place for seniors etc, or just people that do not feel like the hassle of a huge dome or whatever they make. As right now it is very handy as it has its own parking lot.

Second issue, is you will never get the wonderful tree's like we have in the old one. We can get maybe 10 to 15 foot ones, but it will be like a fledgling forest inside for at least my lifetime. Maybe my kids will enjoy it and by then they will renovate again lol.
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