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Originally Posted by hunser View Post
1,000 footers:

1. One World Trade Center, 1787ft (544,7m), Under Construction
2. 432 Park Avenue, 1420ft (432,8m), Under Construction (height not final; min: 1380ft / max: 1700ft)
3. Two World Trade Center, 1349ft (411,2m), Under Construction
4. Hudson Yards North Tower, 1292ft (393,8m), Approved
5. Empire State Building, 1250ft (381m), Completed [1,454ft (443,2m) when counting the spire]
6. 225 West 57th Street, 1250ft (381m), Site Preparation (likely to exceed 1300ft)
7. 15 Penn PLaza, 1216ft (370,6m), Approved
8. One Manhattan West, 1216ft (370,6m), Approved
9. Bank of America Tower, 1200ft (365,8m), Completed
10. Three World Trade Center, 1155ft (352m), Under Construction
11. Conde Nast Building, 1118ft (340,7m), Completed [when counting the spire]
12. The Girasole, 1060ft (323,1m), Approved (likely to exceed 1400ft)
13. Tower Verre, 1050ft (320m), Approved
14. Chrysler Building, 1046ft (318,8m), Completed
15. New York Times Tower, 1046ft (318,8m), Completed
16. Hudson Yards South Tower, 1017ft (310m), Site Preparation
17. One57, 1005ft (306,3m), Under Construction
18. Hudson Yards Mixed-used Tower, 1000ft+ (304,8m+), Proposed
19. One Hudson Yards, 1000ft+ (304,8m+), Site Preparation
20. Sherwood Tower, 1000ft+ (304,8m+), Proposed
21. Madison Ave & 42nd Street, 1000ft+ (304,8m+), Proposed (likely to exceed 1400ft)
You missed 425 Park and 237 Park, and more are undoubtedly on the way soon.

While the NY Skyline is already the best in terms of asthetics in my opinion, New York may well have the most supertalls in any one city in the world in as little as 10 years.
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