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Originally Posted by miaht82 View Post
This comment let's me know the kind of mindset that he has. Glad he made that comment. Now I can toss him in the pile with all the other "old-school, quick-money" developers.
In fairness to Geiss, he did start the downtown development in that area, and it was a residential project. That project will go forward one day, it's not changing into something else.

He had a dispute with a sub-contractor and probably was a little over his head and needed deeper pockets. I can understand that he would be bitter because he was not able to see this through.

Speaking of Pearl, we were in San Antonio this weekend and spent some time there.

We went to dinner Friday night at Il Sogno. I was a little surprised at the size and layout of the place. The kitchen is open and right there as you first walk in, but not really in the middle, so you don't really see it in action unless you're sitting at the bar next to it. The main area seems small, but they have an upstairs and some outside seating as well. The food was great.

We stopped by again on Saturday morning. The farmer's market had a nice feel to it. There was a lot of foot traffic, but the produce offerings were really small (it's Texas, it's summer and of course the drought). I expected to see someone pushing olive oil.

We also stopped in to Melissa Guerra's cooking shop. There were a lot of people looking but no one was buying.

The building itself has a lot of potential. I can see it being a destination in the long run and good location to be. The bookstore would be welcomed addition.
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