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Originally Posted by sakyle04 View Post
^^ Could Geis have come across as more bitter in that article?? Yikes.

(Also, they should tell him that when Ed Cross' Broadway shell project comes online, the Twig will have all the foot traffic it know the one...the development that was Geis' but when bankrupt? Ouch.)
Geis quote
“That’s not enough of a base,” Geis said of the handful of retailers now located at Pearl. “That’s why when people build malls. They bring in 50 businesses at a time. You want to attract different ages, and you want the whole gamut.”
This comment let's me know the kind of mindset that he has. Glad he made that comment. Now I can toss him in the pile with all the other "old-school, quick-money" developers.
and yeah... sounds a little bitter to me. I'm guessing that he also thinks that those guys developing the Pearl don't know what they are doing? We've seen the community (neighborhood and across SA) support the existing businesses and the Farmers Market. They will continue to support the Twig, even if it does move 5 minutes down the road. What you are doing now though is creating "community" businesses with local owners for future residents to support, in a much more dense environment, (once the housing comes online.)
Sustainable development. Something that hasn't been happening too much in SA for the last 45 years.
Let me stop. Now I'm sounding bitter that he sounds bitter.
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