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Originally Posted by sakyle04 View Post
Here we go...

Bringing Oregon State instead of Michigan State will expose a new area of the country to SA. This is true and this is good. It WILL NOT dramatically alter the city's sports profile. When you think San Diego sports, what do you think of...? Chargers? Padres? Wes Mantooth? Holiday Bowl?


Caveat for the AlamoBowl folks: All these years, they have been oh-so--happy to welcome Midwesterners to town, taking them from snowdrifts to sunshine. That was always listed as a big reason for the Bowl's success in drawing out of towners.

Well, what if UCLA is coming to the Alamo Bowl? Weather is no draw and attractions aren't really either. I mean, who wants to fly 4 hours to go to Fiesta Texas when DisneyLand is 20 minutes away? Different to invite people from LA or Tuscon than from Des Moines or Ann Arbor.

I am not saying it wouldn't be successful. At this point, the local market will probably support the game and the Big 12 team will usually draw casual fans.

But don't think that a Kansas v UCLA game would raise our profile or enhance the city's reputation any more than a Texas Tech v Penn State game.
You're right. And I agree with you. But I do see what they THINK can happen.
If we list SA sports, we think Spurs,....... High School All-American Bowl, ........ & didn't that Trinity University lateral about 30 times to win some game?
Weatherwise, we better hope that a school in Oregon or Washington take the 2 seed.
For nationwide coverage and just a larger overall fanbase, we better hope that USC is the 2 seed.
Although, that 2 seed will mean nothing if they are playing a 4 or 5 seed from the Big 12.
Will it make a difference if its Michigan, Penn State, Oregon or Arizona playing Kansas or A&M? Probably not. USC vs. Texas or OU? Probably.
Thats the best case scenario I can see, if they manage to match up that 2 seed with another contender. It might be the "championship game" in some peoples minds since, without a playoff system, nobody agrees on the rankings anyways. It COULD raise the Bowls profile, but how much & is this the only reason the Dome is "useful?"

I still think that aside from a miracle, the Dome has become useless.
Maybe they can sell it to UTSA and use the money to buy land just East of the Dome to build a baseball stadium. Then we could try to lure MLB here. If that doesn't work, we can get the College World Series a couple times and call it a success.!!
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