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Originally Posted by Double L View Post
I don't appreciate several paragraphs of angry banter on frivolous issues. No, I'm not from another country but what if I was? Would that have been right for you to insult? Do you have a problem with people from another country? Or maybe you just don't like people without perfect english? Now, I don't take the forum nearly as seriously as you and I don't want to organize a scholarly essay every time I type just because it is your preference.
So back off.
I never meant it as an insult, if I remember correctly I said "no offense" meaning I wasn't trying to insult you. It was a serious question because of the terms you used in describing the NBA. Terms I've never heard before.

As for the teams, maybe I'm talking about something that isn't contained in the "play". I'm talking about how well the teams players work together. The Spurs motion play is simple in that regard. I have every right to prefer a different style of which I think is more entertaining because it puts a greater emphasis on teamwork which is a good quality. You have no right to argue a preference of which is my own.
I am not arguing your preference, I am simply correcting your incorrect portrayal of how the Spurs play basketball, their style. Which is why I asked if you've ever watched the NBA before because what you were saying wasn't anywhere near the truth.
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