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Greater Paris

Paris is a tiny municipality wich has 2.1 million inhabitants inside 87 km2
But the city of Paris didn't changed since the 19th century and now the city is a lot bigger than the municipality

These picture prove how outdated Paris city limit are outdated

The city of Paris is the oval ring in the center of the picture.

The city of Paris is in the center, NOT in the forefront. The wooded area on the right side of the picture is Boulogne wood.

The city of Paris about the wooded area, NOT the built-up area. This picture shows actually Vincennes wood, which is as Boulogne inside the administrative borders of Paris.

The idea is simple like London, Paris should be fusioned with its inner suburbs.

Greater Paris ak Core of urban area coeur de l'agglomeration.
This area has 6.718.400 in 728 kmĀ²

With this limit, it would be more easy to make comparaison with other cities
because nowaday the city Paris is less populated than Rome or Berlin.

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