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Originally Posted by gillynova View Post
I'll keep note of that. Everything seems pretty expensive down in Riverside and west of it.

I see some apartments east of Walnut Creek Park/Park Central/Tech Ridge Center to be pretty affordable and new. It's just 10 minutes (5 miles) away from The Domain and 19 minutes from downtown (12 miles). I think that's doable.

Do you guys think I'm planning all of this pretty early? It's my first time planning to move out haha.
Those areas make more sense if you end up working in that area. But like others have said, you really need to get out and walk & experience an area to decide if its for you. At least for the Domain you can walk to get a beer and a burger. There's also the red line train that gets you downtown. A HUGE plus during SXSW time. It's cheap, a bit of a walk but totally do-able.

The big wildcard in your situation it seems, is office location, and how much of a priority commute time is for you.

The main reason I picked the Domain area is because I work in Tech Ridge and didn't want to waste time sitting in traffic every weekday. Some coworkers live downtown and end up wasting an extra 10 hours a week or more sitting on 35 for that privilege. I would much rather have a downtown office and live walking distance like I have in the past in other cities, but that unfortunately isn't an option for me here in Austin. A lot of the bigger companies in Austin are still in love with the 1980s-style suburban office park/campus ( )...
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