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Originally Posted by dimondpark View Post
Great find. This is going to be a great resource for me in a few weeks.

Anyhow it's interesting how this differs from MSA rankings:

50-mile radius population:
New York 20,812,722
Los Angeles14,208,130
Chicago 9,380,730
Philadelphia 8,666,832
San Francisco 7,756,158
Boston 7,355,243
Dallas 7,132,900
Washington DC 6,910,078
Houston 6,892,427
Atlanta 6,024,185
Phoenix 4,737,270
Miami 4,687,674
Detroit 4,670,928
Seattle 4,592,151
Tampa 4,190,864
Minneapolis 3,722,902
Cleveland 3,526,126
Denver 3,515,374
San Diego 3,337,685
Portland 2,901,364
St. Louis 2,857,604
A lot depends on geography. I'm surprised Chicago is so high. A good chunk of that 50 square mile radius will be water unless the center point was placed far inland. The same with Miami. Its not a "radial" city but a long thin one so a circle is not the best way to measure.
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