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Originally Posted by Restless 1 View Post
I know I'm in the minority here, but I can't help to think this whole approach is stupid.

These buildings have been essentially demolished. They should have been torn down entirely, and a new, skyline changing building put up on this property.

It may still spur some development in the area, but CPS could have built an iconic tower, while consolidating it's departments, which is what is supposed to be the purpose of moving it's operations DT in the first place.

Yes, cast your arrows at will, but I'm still very disappointed by this.
My guess is CPS doesn't have a reason to want to build a tall tower. They have a budget to work with and tearing down the buildings completely, digging up the foundation, installing new foundations and constructing an entirely new building after hiring an architect/engineering team to design it would be much more costly than removing and rebuilding the facade and inner workings of buildings with existing foundations and frames.
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