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Originally Posted by JACKinBeantown View Post
^^ Yeah, Frost was a vacant lot with only a parking lot to tear up. Demolishing these would require complete demolition, tearing up the foundations (A: possibly), piling and pouring new foundations (if A then B), and then the complete construction costs. I don't see how that could have been cheaper.

They're going to look better than before, but not by a whole lot. Oh well, at least it's an improvement.
I remember the Grand Hyatt going up really fast and that was on the River. I was looking at old maps, and wow...from Dec 2006 - the building that was there was still standing, then in Oct 2008 the Grand Hyatt was pretty much finished, including it 5 (that's impressive) levels of ground parking. Demolishing a building isn't expensive. Relatedly, Austin has a building going down on the 25th. I think I'll be there for that.
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