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Originally Posted by KevinFromTexas View Post
Has anyone read anything about what the square footage would be? That would be helpful in determining how tall it'll be. And yeah, that one in St. Louis is sweet. I believe it's the tallest federal courthouse in the US. It's over 500 feet tall.
334,335 sf, but 375,000 sf was also mentioned a couple of years ago.

Originally Posted by Keep-SA-Lame View Post
Wait, is just the Courthouse moving or is the Federal Building being moved as well?

edit: If the adjacent parking lot is also city property being given to the Feds, that makes for a pretty big lot.
The Federal Complex includes the Federal Building. I believe most of those offices will move in the new space as well, although I think I read somewhere that some of the offices were actually moving to the old Courthouse/Post Office.

The current Federal space is 7.66 acres, SAPD - 6.99 acres.

The current property includes 638 spaces, plus all of the street parking. Assuming the new location will include increased parking as well, I tried to envision what the footprint of that would be....
The current configuration over at the county-side (before the new expansion, which will take it to 1,181 spaces,) across the creek from SAPD has a total of 794 spaces, and that takes up a pretty good chunk of land, footprint-wise.
Just for comparison, the Justice Center (including new tower and basement space) totals 493,000 sq. ft. Look at the footprint of that; and one building is 6 floors and the other 11.
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