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Originally Posted by 21bl0wed View Post
He's being realistic this is san antonio. The apartments near I10/huebner that are 8 stories got marketed as "highrise living" yet its technically not a highrise.
Techniacally it is. A high-rise building is a building that exceeds six stories in height and is equipped with elevators.

And there are no buildings of substantial size anywhere along the I10/1604 corridor or along the 281/1604 corridor. Height would have to be worked up...You can't just smack down a 30 story building where there aren't even any 10 story buildings. So this building will probably be between 8-12 stories. Thats better than nothing though.
Who is saying this or anything will be 30 stories? I'd be fine with 10, I wasn't questioning the number because I felt it was too low but because he said 10 stories so I wanted to know where he got it from, when another poster said he saw the sign and it had no numbers listed I asked if abtobias made the number up or was talking about anther development.
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