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Originally Posted by sarocks14 View Post
Tex, you mention getting a better job coming from A&M, do firms care more about where you went to school or what's in your portfolio? I mean, I would think your work is what "should" be most important.
Your chances of getting a job are probably better by graduating from A&M than UTSA...not necessarily a better job.

Ever heard stories (some true, some not) of guys getting a job because their fraternity brother hooked them up with one? Same thing with some schools - A&M is one of them. These stories are often embellished. The more likely scenario is your degree from A&M (or fraternity membership, Corps of Cadets, etc) will get your foot in the door for an interview.

College Station is not a hotbed for architecture. You can probably argue either way on San Antonio. San Antonio's home to Lake/Flato. Your chances of getting an evening/weekend job with an architecture firm might be better with UTSA simply because there are (or should be) more architecture firms in San Antonio than in College Station.

Before you decide, make a list of what's important to you...academics, academic opportunities (ie study abroad), work opportunities (internship, evening/weekend job), how you want to spend your time outside of class (campus organizations...I'd highly recommend joining a fraternity), campus/area events (if you like politics consider A&M - Bush Library), and accessibility to Freebirds and Double Daves.
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