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I've read about a few festivals in Austin with them touting high turn out numbers and once I got there to visit it myself, I just didn't see that many being there. Going to a lot of concerts then hearing about the crowd numbers, you get to be familiar with the sizes of crowds. The ACL Fest usually has 65,000 people each day at the 3 day concert. At first it was 75,000 then they rolled it back because people were complaining it was too large and crowded. Having gone myself when they had 75,000 there, I know some of the other festivals I've gone to had a considerable less amount, maybe only half that much. City leaders, and event producers will always boost numbers to make it seem more attractive. I don't really blame them, and there's really no crime in it, besides whatever it takes to get people downtown spending money and having fun is a good thing.
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