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Originally Posted by sirkingwilliam View Post
Hard Rock is the epitome of touristy brand. The Rivercenter is a touristy mall. It makes sense to pair them. It makes ZERO sense to psirba luxury/pseudo luxury brand with a tourist trap mall.

The two hotels you mentioned would fit in the Pearl or maybe as part of the Hemisfair development or near Southtown, possibly part of Grey Street’s large SAISD land development.

Heck, near the new Frost HQ in the tech district would work better than on top of the Shops at Rivercenter.
Well, that's your opinion. And all I can say is that I'm sorry that you think Hard Rock, in 2020 (the earliest date this thing would open), is the "epitome" of tourist hotels. I fail to see them ranked anywhere on any list of Top "tourist" or Top "family" hotels. They are definitely not on any list of Top "millennial" hotels.

For me, this is the wrong direction to go. SA needs to step up with the times. Riding on our laurels is going to kill us. As a whole, we need to realize (and accept) that what we had in the past no longer exists. Tourism has changed. Example: the HRH in San Diego is in a perfect spot...but, it's dead. The Onmi across the street has more hop to it! Plus, there are numerous more, hip options, from which to choose in the immediate area - The Gaslamp District. The most "touristy" spot in downtown San Diego.

The Hard Rock brand's time has run its course.

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