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Originally Posted by Aleks0o01 View Post

Kevin, that Texas Capitol one is amazing!
Thanks. That spiral staircase is one freaky one. It's 150 feet above the rotunda floor, and is quite exposed to the open air of the dome. It faces the dome 3 times around, then goes inside the wall. From there you take another spiral staircase inside the wall and eventually above the dome (above the star on the ceiling. Then from there there's another spiral staircase that eventually leads outside on the very top of the capitol almost 300 feet above the ground.

Originally Posted by AdrianXSands View Post
ahhh! thanks kevin! at least someone at least tried to maintain some type of format...

that first capitol one is nice. i love the semi-garish banisters.
Yeah, I love the bulkiness of the stairs. The stairs themselves are about 25 feet wide and go up 4 levels.

Originally Posted by AndrianXSands
and i love the banality of the parking lot stair. but i tend to love raw things.
Yeah. Very plain and simple. The building was designed by Antoine Predock. The limestone wall behind the stairs has a waterfall running down it. The water is pumped in from Lady Bird Lake across the street. It flows down through the building in a fountain and eventually flows back out to the river. Predock designed the building to mimic the landscape of the Texas Hill Country west of Austin.
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