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Originally Posted by Exodus View Post
Chicago White Sox, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco have the best modern ballparks.
Even as a die-hard Reds fan, I have to disagree with Great American Ballpark being one of the best modern ballparks. Yeah, you sit closer to the action than some of the other newer parks (thanks to that gimmicky notch), but who the hell wants a view of Northern Kentucky when you've got arguably one of the best skylines in the country right behind the stadium?

There was a movement in the mid 1990s to place the new Reds ballpark on the eastern edge of Over-the-Rhine (dubbed by many as "Broadway Commons") that would have been the boon for development that the area north of Downtown Cincinnati so desperately needs. GABP is an okay place to see a game, but its too disconnected from the rest of Downtown thanks to Fort Washington Way, and too disconnected from Newport thanks to the Ohio River.
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