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Originally Posted by GThomas
Question... there are two pictures for this project... the phase I picture (with one building) is being built now, right? Will the other two buildings be the ones from the phase II picture or will they be more in the style of phase I? I seem to remember someone mentioning that they might all be in that Spire-minus-the-spire phase-I style (I hope not. ).

I attended a couple of the DRC meetings for this project and the top picture in post 1 was the original plan and should no longer be used as a reference.

At that time, Novare didn't own the 25% of the property at 7th/Juniper so it was only a 2 bldg project(43 & 30 stories). One of the big objections was that Juniper was being treated as an alley with both buildings fronting P'tree. (Note the long glass-covered entrance to the back bldg.

Anyway, the project will now have up to 3 bldgs. The first one being 36 stories and the next two, if built, 33 stories each. They will now face Juniper and the retail will wrap all the way around and include retail on Juniper.

The parking structures will be built in such a way that as each phase is completed, the parking deck will be connected to the previous bldgs parking deck, forming a single mega-deck with a single very-large ammenities space on the 10th floor.

The big change in the first bldg I think is that instead of the patio at the corner of 6th/P'tree, there will actually be an architectural entrance to the shopping. I think the patio was only there at the time because the front entrance of the smaller bldg facing p'tree. So it could have a P'tree address of course.

It's been a few months since the last meeting so a lot of this could have changed but the photo I'm seeing for Phase I appears to be the same one and I don't remember any objections at the last DRC.

I have also heard recently that McCray's finally agreed to sell out their lease and move in the spring so that will help Novare build the entire phase I retail component.